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Today, every tenth resident of Russia has a particular disability group.

Due to the lack of “accessible environment” persons with disabilities are alone with their problems, people turn in on themselves, falling self-esteem, increases the uncertainty, there is social isolation.

Disabled people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system does not have the physical possibility to get out on the street and forced to spend all their time in the four walls. The problem lies more in the fact that socially important facilities and facilities (hospitals, clinics, government offices, shops, public transport) are not suitable for people with limited mobility. People with disabilities are often totally dependent on relatives, friends and social structures.

On the basis of the use of communication tools on the Internet, we try to contribute to social adaptation, receiving vocational training, job placement, self-realization of people with disabilities. On our site you will be able to get free legal help to learn about distance learning, to find the necessary and useful information. The lawyers of our site Disabled help you protect your rights and social guarantees. We will draw the attention of society and the state to the problems of the disabled.

As long as we accept our disability as a tragedy, we are sorry. Until then, until we are treated with compassion, we will manage. As long as we feel ashamed of their disability, we will call unviable. To succeed, we must first believe that we are capable of it!

Disabled – is the lack of the Spirit and not of the body!